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Saltwater fish care information and pictures ordered by saltwater aquarium fish species and type. For more details on any of these marine aquarium fish species presented below just click on the picture or link to get more details about that particular aquarium fish, marine invertebrate or coral. Please research any saltwater fish and coral before you buy them and don't just take our advice. Research multiple sources for information. Look over the internet and pick up a good saltwater aquarium fish book or two.

Resist the urge to make an impulse fish purchase while visiting your local saltwater fish store if you don't know about the species. They want to sell fish and they want you to buy fish! Period. Take note of the species you are interested in and then find all the information you can on them. Many saltwater fish species can be very difficult to get eating in the home aquarium. The first thing you should ask the shop keeper to do is show you the fish eating. The better stores will mark on the label all the pertinent information about the fish, including whether or not it is eating.

Quarantine all new fish before introducing them to your display tank and look into keeping a cleaner shrimp or two to help keep your saltwater fish free of pests and disease.

Saltwater Fish

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