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Aquarium Calculator - Calculate Fish Tank Volume

Common Aquarium Calculations

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Below you will find our aquarium calculator that you can use to convert back and forth between some of the most common conversions you'll encounter when running your fish tank as well as a tool to calculate fish tank volume based on dimensions.

Currently, we have Fahrenheit to Celsius, Gallons to Liters, Inches to Centimeters (useful for determining fish species sizes), UK Gallons to US Gallons, and also a calculator to determine the total volume of your aquarium. Please note that the total tank volume figure computed is a rough estimate and only takes into account your fish tank dimensions. It does not take into account ornaments, decorations, the substrate, live rock, etc. These items can have an effect on the total volume of water in your aquarium. This calculation is simply based on an empty tank with the given dimensions.

*Numbers round up to two decimals places upon conversion.

Aquarium Calculators

Aquarium Calculator: Calculate Rectangle Fish Tank Volume in Gallons Based on Tank Size

rectangular aquarium
Fish Tank Length in Inches:
Fish Tank Width in Inches:
Fish Tank Height in Inches:
Aquarium Size is
US Gallons
Aquarium Size is
UK Gallons

Calculate Cylinder Aquarium Volume

cylinder aquarium
Fish Tank Height (h) in Inches:
Fish Tank Radius (r) in Inches:
Aquarium Size is
US Gallons
Aquarium Size is
UK Gallons
Aquarium Size is

Calculate Hexagon Aquarium Volume

hexagon aquarium
Fish Tank Height in Inches:
Length of One Side in Inches:
Aquarium Size is
US Gallons
Aquarium Size is
UK Gallons
Aquarium Size is

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
Enter °F:
= °C
Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Enter °C:
= °F

Convert Gallons to Liters
Enter Gallons:
= Liters
Convert Liters to Gallons
Enter Liters:
= Gallons

Convert Inches to Centimeters
Enter Inches:
= Centimeters
Convert Centimeters to Inches
Enter Centimeters:
= Inches

Convert UK Gallons to US Gallons
Enter UK Gallons:
= US Gallons
Convert US Gallons to UK Gallons
Enter US Gallons:
= UK Gallons

Convert Meters to Feet
Enter Meters:
= Feet
Convert Feet to Meters
Enter Feet:
= Meters

Convert Meq/L to dKH CaCO3 (ppm)
Enter Meq/L:
= dKH and
CaCO3 (ppm)
Convert dKH to Meq/L and CaCO3 (ppm)
Enter dKH:
= Meq/L and
ppm CaCO3
Convert CaCO3 (ppm) to Meq/L and dKH
Enter CaCO3:
= Meq/L and

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